Dauphin: Sitting like floating.

Do you often observe members of staff battling against muscular tension? Or are you yourself a sufferer?
No wonder: Human beings become accustomed to an individual manner of sitting in different work situations. These personal behavioural patterns are generally passive, instilled from an early age and unconsciously recalled. Unfortunately, muscular tension is often the inevitable result. For the body is in fact designed to move and any form of static posture over a prolonged period of time is therefore not good for the muscles and for the supporting skeleton.
In a nutshell: If the harmonious balance in posture is lost, the associated incorrect and excessive strain placed on the muscles, ligaments and joints can lead to chronic illness in the long term.

How do you sit?

Do you often sit with a hunched back? This places a strain on the muscles, intervertebral discs and joints and has a negative impact on digestion, breathing and concentration.
Or do you permanently sit in a “laid back” posture? This places a strain on the neck and lumbar spine region and leads to muscular tension (cervical syndrome).
The fact is incorrect postures result from a false sense of comfort and the urge to take the strain off the body as much as possible.

Dauphin products help: "A dynamic seated posture"!

Regularly changing spinal-column movements permanently supply the intervertebral discs with nutrients, stimulate the complex back muscles, ensure that the more than 46 joints in the spinal column are in constant motion, optimise blood circulation and therefore the supply of oxygen, maintain the cerebral metabolism processes and therefore attention and concentration.

Our office swivel chairs follow the user’s every movement and at the same time encourage a change of posture. The natural movement stimuli are not suppressed. They are encouraged – continuously and effectively.