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The basic conditions in every company and work situation are different. This is why the solution for dynamic sitting depends on your particular needs!

Option 1

Do your members of staff adjust their chairs but incorrect postures occur all the same?
If this is the case, we recommend a mechanism which can be individually adjusted and which encourages users to respond to stimuli to sit upright and to maintain an active seated posture: the Syncro-Activ-Balance® mechanism.
Thanks to the automatic seat-tilt adjustment (up to –12°), there are stimuli for straightening the spinal column, brought about by forward rotation of the pelvis.


Option 2

Are there a lot of shared workstations within your company? Does a decentralised structure make it difficult to train your staff to sit properly (incorrect postures because chairs are not adjusted correctly)?
Then we recommend a mechanism which adjusts itself fully automatically: Daumatic-Balance®.
It has an automatic body-weight adjustment feature for the backrest counterpressure. Extremely easy to use, it is ideal for use at shared workstations. The automatic seat-tilt feature (Daumatic-Balance®) with seat-ball effect encourages a healthy, upright seated posture and a greater sense of well-being. The Bionic range is also available with automatic lumbar-depth adjustment (Lordomatic®).


Fully-automatic adjustment for a seated posture

Dauphin also offers solutions for standing workstations

The Tec Dolphin standing seat also relieves the strain on the user's spinal column when standing, ensuring a balanced physical posture. The advantage of this is easing of the strain wherever you go and stand.

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