Indeed automatic – Made for sharing.

This sustainable office chair automatically adjusts to the weight of the person sitting on it and this makes it perfect for flexible workstations.

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Experience Ergonomics.

Whether it is new work, adaptable working or the home office: Dauphin offers a unique range of innovative seating solutions for offices, public areas and industrial applications. With more than fifty years of experience and technical expertise, we are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of office chairs. We create ergonomic working environments and bring ergonomics to life.


Office chairs highlights

Shape – Your ergonomic office chair for healthy sitting.

Shape allows you to create your perfect workplace – this swivel chair adapts to your individual needs. Whether you’re big or small, our Balance ergonomics concept allows everyone to sit with a correct posture that is particularly good for the back.

Indeed – Your sustainable office chair for the office and home.

Indeed meets your demands for sustainability in an innovative way and its ergonomic features make it easy for you to adapt in an agile way to the individual needs of dynamic daily life.

Public-area chairs highlights

Fiore nesting – Your adaptable public-area chair for spontaneous teamwork.

New work requires flexible structures. Fiore nesting fits perfectly into this scenario. The mobile nesting chair has castors that allow it to be quickly moved into place and it can also be nested and parked to save space.

Fiore outdoor – Your colourful seating for outdoor use.

With Fiore outdoor we bring colourful looks and individuality to the outdoors – and expand it with trendy colours and a variety of weatherproof frames! Furnish your terraces, gardens and balconies in an inviting and creative way!

Office lounge highlights

Atelier – Your lounge furniture for creative working.

The various designs and arrangements from Atelier make this possible. Create inspiring meeting and communication islands, cosy lounge areas and screened-off quiet areas.

Allora Poufs – Your ultra-light upholstered stools.

With three sizes and countless combinations of different colours, Allora poufs can be used to create an array of office landscapes. And this means they are perfectly suited to the new agility of the world of work. Let’s make offices more colourful!

Home office – more than a workplace!

Hybrid working – sometimes in the office, sometimes at home – has long been an established daily routine for many workers. But you need to make sure you have the right equipment. To allow you to also sit comfortably in a healthy posture for a long period of time when you are working from home, it is essential to have an ergonomic office chair. We have the solutions!

Versatile and comfortable lounge furniture for your office!

Whether agile, spontaneous or confidential – the variety of office lounge solutions from Dauphin make it possible to create multifaceted landscapes for coming together, and they produce an atmospheric, homely ambience. The office is transformed into a “place to meet” that enhances its productivity and attractiveness.