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Here you can instantly access information which will help you to find furnishing solutions to meet your exact requirements. You have at your fingertips access to our complete range of up-to-date individual Dauphin brochures, all available in a user-friendly pdf format. Simply select what you need and download.

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Avant-garde and classic designs, emotion and ergonomics, innovations and inspirations. From here, you can directly access the documents relating to our comprehensive range of products at any time. Thanks to the wide range of information that we provide, you will not need to look any further. The systematic way in which the information is structured allows you to find exactly what you are looking for in next to no time. Simply click through the information available and put together the office of your dreams!


Model Document type Seat mechanism File Size
24h / XXL Sales documents Syncro-Quickshift®, Syncro®-Tension 2,42 MB
@Just magic2 Environment - 836 KB
@Just magic2 Sales documents Syncro-Automatic®, Syncro-Quickshift® 2,02 MB
@Just magic2 QS Operating manual Syncro-Quickshift® 586 KB
Atelier Environment - 686 KB
Atelier Sales documents - 7,25 MB
Ballpoint-Synchron® Operating manual Ballpoint-Synchron® 1,81 MB
Cento Miglia XXL Operating manual Syncro®-Tension 619 KB
Colour card Colours - 3,42 MB
Conference-Relax Operating manual Conference-Relax 1,51 MB
dat-o Environment - 860 KB
dat-o Sales documents - 793 KB
Dauphin fifty years Company - 363 KB
Dauphin Workheart Company - 2,81 MB
Eddy Environment - 668 KB
Eddy Sales documents - 865 KB
EMAS Certificate Environment - 157 KB
Environmental statement EMAS Environment - 1,69 MB
Ergonomics brochure Ergonomics - 940 KB
Fiore Environment - 802 KB
Fiore Sales documents - 4,22 MB
Fiore nesting Sales documents - 2,85 MB
Indeed Sales documents - 3,84 MB
Indeed automatic Sales documents Motionflex®-Automatic 3,39 MB
Indeed mesh automatic Operating manual Indeed mesh automatic 618 KB
Indeed operator automatic Operating manual Indeed operator automatic 664 KB
InTouch Environment - 911 KB
InTouch Sales documents Syncro®-Dynamic Advanced 1,2 MB
InTouch Interaktiv Interactive manual Syncro®-Dynamic Advanced 5 KB
IS stool Operating manual - 573 KB
Lordo Environment - 867 KB
Lordo Sales documents Syncro-Automatic®, Syncro®-Dynamic, Syncro®-Dynamic Advanced 2,24 MB
Lordo Interaktiv Interactive manual Syncro-Automatic®, Syncro®-Dynamic, Syncro®-Dynamic Advanced 5 KB
Overview Office + Project Sales documents Syncro-3D-Balance®, Syncro-Activ-Balance®, Syncro-Quickshift®, Syncro®-Dynamic Advanced, Syncro®-Tension, Syncro-Motion X®, Syncro-Automatic®, Syncro-Smart-Automatic® 1,53 MB
Permanent-Balance Operating manual Permanent-Balance 606 KB
Permanent-Contact Operating manual Permanent-Contact 605 KB
Plenar2 Environment - 701 KB
Plenar2 Sales documents - 1,52 MB
Service order Service order - 630 KB
Shape Environment - 853 KB
Shape Sales documents Syncro-3D-Balance®, Syncro-Activ-Balance®, Syncro®-Tension 5,5 MB
Shape 24h / Tec 24/7 Operating manual Syncro®-Tension 552 KB
Shape elan visitor Sales documents Conference-Relax 1,85 MB
sim-o Environment - 729 KB
sim-o Sales documents - 868 KB
speed-o Operating manual - 1017 KB
speed-o Environment - 787 KB
speed-o Sales documents - 1,52 MB
Standard-Mechanik Operating manual Standard-Mechanik 517 KB
Stilo Environment - 856 KB
Stilo Sales documents - 1,27 MB
Stilo ES Sales documents - 2,42 MB
Syncro-3D-Balance® Operating manual Syncro-3D-Balance® 1,89 MB
Syncro-Activ-Balance® Operating manual Syncro-Activ-Balance® 1,85 MB
Syncro-Automatic® Operating manual Syncro-Automatic® 1,48 MB
Syncro-Motion X® Operating manual Syncro-Motion X® 1,66 MB
Syncro-Quickshift® Operating manual Syncro-Quickshift® 1,82 MB
Syncro-Relax-Automatic® Operating manual Syncro-Relax-Automatic® 783 KB
Syncro-Smart-Automatic® Operating manual Syncro-Smart-Automatic® 2,31 MB
Syncro®-Dynamic Advanced Operating manual Syncro®-Dynamic Advanced 1,53 MB
Syncro®-Tension Operating manual Syncro®-Tension 1,61 MB
Tec 24/7 Operating manual Syncro®-Tension 619 KB
Tec 24/7 24-hour-use Environment - 746 KB
Tec basic stool Environment - 681 KB
Tec basic work chairs Environment - 705 KB
Tec profile Environment - 720 KB
Tec profile automatic Operating manual Syncro-Automatic®, Syncro-Automatic®, Syncro®-Tension, SyncroActiv-Balance® 237 KB
Tec profile economic Operating manual Ballpoint-Synchron® 702 KB
Teo Sales documents - 6,97 MB
Teo 1 Environment - 693 KB
Teo 2 Environment - 641 KB
X-Code Environment - 700 KB
X-Code Sales documents Syncro-Motion X® 2,03 MB
X-Code Interaktiv Interactive manual - 5 KB