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The basic principles of the Dauphin Group.

The prevailing culture within a company has a direct correlation with its success. Dauphin is a global corporate group. We produce solutions for the global market that can be employed, explained and sold from New York to Melbourne, from Kuala Lumpur to Paris. With branch offices, representatives and production sites all around the world, we work hard to safeguard the success of our brands – across all borders.

We improve living and working environments.

We focus on the whole person and their needs at all times. In doing this, we adopt new approaches in interdisciplinary research.
You can read more details about this under Ergonomics.

We believe in good design.

As we see it, design must not be merely an end in itself. We are convinced that good design must always also make ergonomic sense and be functionally advanced.
You can read more details about this under Awards.

We only accept high-quality solutions.

A product or service from one of our companies is always the solution to a problem, an enhancement, a simplification or a leap in quality. Every product that we manufacture must fully satisfy the most stringent of quality standards.
You can read more details about this under Quality.

We act in a spirit of partnership.

Our approach to our trading partners, customers, suppliers and other partners is governed by a spirit of fairness, trust and high ethical standards.

We treat our fellow human beings with respect.

Mutual respect is a prerequisite for the success of our business and an immutable basic rule for people working with one another in our company. Our behavioural approach to one another is polite and fair across all hierarchies. We reject any form of bullying or discrimination.