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We look after the environment – and our partners do too!

The Dauphin HumanDesign® Group combines its economic success with a business policy which is deliberately oriented towards sustainability and environmental protection. The company actively cares for the environment and is committed to interacting with nature in a responsible manner - in harmony with environment-related laws and standards. In addition, we ourselves, set high standards and ensure that any developments occur within the desired framework. When it comes to caring for the environment, we are willing and able at all times to provide answers to any possible questions concerning the consequences of our actions.
    In 2010,Dauphin was given so-called EMAS certification. EMAS is the acronym for the Eco Management and Audit Scheme (also known as the EU Eco Audit or simply Eco Audit).

    EMAS was developed by the European Union. It is a community system comprising environmental management and environmental auditing for organisations looking to improve their environmental performance.

    Industrial companies, service providers, administrative bodies etc. as well as other types of organisation including supranational organisations can be certified.

    Umweltpakt Bayern

    By joining the Umweltpakt Bayern (Bavarian Environmental Pact) in 2007, Dauphin is looking to set an example by working together with other companies in Bavaria and going above and beyond the legal requirements in order to avoid damaging the environment in the future.

    Blue Angel

    The Blue Angel is the ecolabel of the federal government of Germany since 1978. The Blue Angel sets high standards for environmentally friendly product design and has proven itself over the past 40 years as a reliable guide for a more sustainable consumption.

    The product lines Indeed, @Just evo, @Just magic2 und Shape has been awarded the Blue Angel.

    In the following environmental documents you will find further proof for Dauphin´s importance of environmental protection:

    Euro Flower

    The issue of environmental protection is very important to our company. This is why we undertake to do more than just what we are required to by the statutory regulations and we work systematically and continuously to improve environmental protection within our business. We also expect our suppliers to make this commitment and so many of our partners from the textile sector that supply us with products have been certified with the European environmental label, the Euro Flower. The Euro Flower is awarded to products and services that have less of an impact on the environment than comparable products and services on offer. We are proud of our business links with businesses that lead the way when it comes to ecology.