Ergonomics is more important than ever

  • Hours of sitting at the computer and not enough movement: modern working habits stress the muscular-skeletal system. It has been optimised for constant alteration between walking, lying and standing in eons of training.
  • The result: the body reacts with workplace-related pain to an enviroment it wasn't designed for.
  • Around 11 million workers currently suffer from work related back pain. Two-thirds of them feel that their quality of life is suffering as a result of their current condition.
  • This is where ergonomics comes into play: it creates good working conditions for people so that they perform their tasks in an optimal, health-preserving way.

Prevention is better than treatment

  • The position of the pelvis plays a pivotal role in maintaining an ergonomic, active and upright posture. This is why Dauphin has developed innovative seat mechanisms that enable movement.
  • The automatic seat-tilt adjustment provides stimuli for straightening the spinal column, relieves strain on the body, and prevents chronic illness.

Incorrect posture no.1: rounded spine

  • A passive seated posture weakens the postural muscles.
  • The Intervertebral discs are exposed to one-sided stress.
  • Pressure on the nerves affects digestion, breathing and concetration.
  • The result are muscular tension, pain, inflammation and loss of mobility.

Increased productivity through ergonomics

  • Maintain natural double-S shape of the spinal column.
  • The back muscles support the spinal column in an upright position.
  • Movement relieves muscle strain and increases perfomance and concentration.