• speed-o

    This environmentally friendly model boasts a range of ergonomic features, including a synchronised automatic weight feature and an individual look, and can be assembled quickly without tools upon delivery at the intended place of use.

    The materials used are either of the same type or recycled, and are themselves 99% recyclable. Packaging is reduced to a minimum – after all, speed-o can be fully dismantled. The base, castors, seat and backrest fit as individual parts into a small box with a much smaller packaging volume. This saves space and money, and helps to protect the environment.

    As far as its looks are concerned, speed-o focuses on individuality: it features a membrane, mesh and upholstered backrest – all offering an optimum "microclimate". There is also a striking plastic shell with an eye-catching, trendy colour scheme.
    Design: Gorgi Design
    FACTS "Sehr gut"
    German Design Award
    The speed-o product range has been
    awarded the following certificates:
    - Quality Office
    - FACTS "Sehr gut"
    - German Design Award

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