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Syncro-Motion X®

						Symbol: Syncro-Motion X®Syncro-Motion X®

Active dynamics: Syncro-Motion X®
All of the operating components are arranged ergonomically, are easily accessible and are integrated compactly into the Syncro-Motion X® mechanism. The infinite seat-tilt adjustment feature (-2° to -8°) is part of the seat itself. The dial at the rear of the seat shell is the only indication that the chair offers such a function. It enables users to adjust the chair individually when sitting – an important function when it comes to achieving a healthy seated posture.

- Side-mounted fine adjustment of the backrest counterpressure with just a few turns
- Synchronised seat and backrest movement
- Backrest tilt angle can be set in 4 positions
- Seat-depth adjustment using sliding seat (7 cm)
- Option: Infinite seat-tilt adjustment from -2° to -8°

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