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Classic race

The Dauphin company communicates with its environment in various ways. Attributes such as drive, speed, function and design are not just of greatest importance in the daily business. They are also reflected in the sponsoring of an extremely wide variety of car races as an important part of the company's multi sided marketing activities.

Fascination with oldtimers


Cars or, more precisely, veteran cars have for many years played a dominant role in the Dauphin company's marketing and distribution activities. These cars stand for drive, speed, a sporting spirit, fun and design - all characteristics which are equally attributable to the company.

Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia

From 1994 to 2007, the Dauphin family was one of the principal sponsors of the Mille Miglia race in Italy. The Cento Miglia is probably the World’s most famous and scenic vintage-car rally. On the route from Brescia to Rome and back, Friedrich-Wilhelm, his wife Elke and his daughter Antje Dauphin have, over the years, demonstrated the true capabilities of their vintage cars.

Tour Auto


But, of course, not only Italy is in the racing calendar of the family every year. The Dauphins also take part regularly in the Tour Auto in France. In this event, Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin even managed to be joint winner of the competition in 1998 together with rally world champion Walter Röhrl.

Gaisberg Race


When the traditional Gaisberg Race comes around and brightly polished vintage cars zoom around the bends as nimbly as ever, drivers get a real buzz and spectators are in raptures! The Dauphin family support the Gaisberg Race and even get behind the wheel themselves at the 1,288 m high mountain near Salzburg.


It doesn't always have to be Paris or Rome! One can also participate with the same enthusiasm in the Hans-Görgel Rally in the little Franconian town of Hersbruck, not far from the company headquarters in Offenhausen.

Dauphin Speed Event - Events in pole position


Seminars, Conferences, Training sessions, Celebrations or events to meet the needs of any occasion. Surrounded by 110 classic cars from 50 years of racing. Sports car history together with many motorbikes.

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